Liverpool Public School

Niek Schouten


Georgia Forbes-Smith


Johanna Lichen Wang

Hybrid Research Building

Mark Hill

Exploded peripheral

Kong Jun Ming


Niccolo Colonna

The National Centre for Cultural Competence

Jordan Swebeck

The Locomotive Workshop, Redfern.

Mark Hill

Liverpool Primary School

Carly Martin

Australian Technology Park

Adam Higginbotham


Kim Saggers

Australia Technology Precinct: Hybrid Building

William Miller

A SuperSydney Project

Jaime Hogan

Through the looking glass

Kendrick Khoo

Garry Taulu

Clarissa Di Nicola

Shirley Tran

Spencer Walden

Tim Zapevalov

Solstice Lamp

Dr Oliver Bown

Dr Martin Tomitsch

Luke Hespanhol

Miriama Young

Reuben Young


Rattanaporn Supattrawut

Flinders St. Book Depository

Mitchell Page

BARangaroo CODE

Mingze Sun

Delineative Rocks

Ben Murphy

John Duncan

Little Boxes

Ro Brett

Lucy Matchett

Amelia Lewis

Refugee Flows

Ro Brett

Metropolitan Swimming Complex

David Brading


Miguel Angel Suarez Olmos

Chromatic Hotspot

Suzana Hulak

The Darlington Lane Project for Living, Learning and Connecting

Chloe Rayfield

Andrew Nicolle

Liverpool Primary school: A Sustainable future

Nicholas Peters

Living With Water

Tze Hui Goh


Amani Badra


Christa Zacaharia

Climactic Spaces

Xaever Mand

Architecture of the Modern Flaneur

Tiffany Liew

Redfern Athletic & Research

Dominic John Broadhurst

The Creators

Constanza Casas

Mark C Mitchell

Pieter Steyaert


Luke Hespanhol

Bettina Easton

Glen Anderson

Pablo Lamarca

Jorge Curtidor

Stephanie Fynn

Haley Laurence

Porch To Contemplation

Anna Ewald Rice

Institute of Personalities

Julian Badman

Gumbrook Estate

Angus Wirth


Sukrit (Chris) Sukasam

Crystalline Theatre

Bianca Gracia Pineda

A Library of Water : Re-connecting Green Square with ancillary programs of Water

National Centre for Cultural Competence

Emil Kucevi

Urban Heterodoxy

Brianna Jessup

Design Hub

Bogdan Nacu

Breaking the Limits

Tom Gait-Smith

Fertilizable Architecture

Juan Alcala

The Bunker

Jenina Tolentino

The Divorced Men’s Readjustment Club

Ella Rushforth


Lilian Main


Rachel Yabsley


Stephanie Fynn

Ingrid Pohl

Heather McKinnon

Jonathan McEwan

Chris Law

Simon Macias


Angus Wirth

A building that you can’t touch but an architecture that you can

Georgie Forbes-Smith

Voids, Light and Shadows

Karl Dela Torre

New Geographies: A New Library and Plaza for Green Square

Belinda Lee

New Models for Student Housing
“The Great Wall of Students”

Mark Dillon

Phillip Ji

Sculpture Studio

Understory Park

Jet Geaghan

Unveiling Senses

Anne Qin


Justin Cawley

Simon Oudiette

Blacksmith’s Place

Anna Simina Simaki


Tarek Ruitao Zhu

Urban Heterodoxy

Suzana Hulak

The Vivid Wall

Pamela Zardo


Justin Cawley

Imogen Howe

Retreat Pods

Eva Yi Hua Zhang

Cloud Rock

Lea Fernandez Levit

Douglas Hamersley

Sarah Lawlor

FSED - Flinders School of Ecology and Design

Kingsley May


Simon von Wolkenstein

Museum of Pacific Art (MPA

Simon von Wolkenstein


Erica Meares

Wingura Mura: Stage 7, National Centre for Cultural Competence

Alice Chirculescu


Christa Zacharia

The National Centre for Cultural Competence

Fabiano Salmi

Barangaroo Interactive Science Centre

Rod Watt

Brutalist Seed

Oliver Hessian

Sydney Museum of Pacific Arts

Dion Moult

Dance Landscapes

Savini Abeysinghe

Sydney Design Centre

Cameron Halls

North Eveleigh Cinémathèque

Marguerite Farmakis


Nicholas Cheuk Hang Wong

The City as a House - Fairfield

Juan Alcala

Cultivating Cultural Complexity in Late Capitalism

Kim Saggers

Fractal Seventy-Nine

Heiron Chan

The Eye of Sydney

Lachlan Howe

Yu-jen Chris Su

Trace of the pacific art and cockatoo island


Floating Beam House

Sukrit (Chris) Sukasam

Nesting the Introverted

Karl Dela Torre

A Big Dirty Whole: a Cinematheque at the former North Eveleigh train yards

Jasper Ludewig

The Living Wall

Mitchel Ovens

Julian Dolk

Tomas Ramstrand


Malcolm Welford

Fale Pasifika

Michael Baker

Urban Retreat

Zoe Mairs

Green Square Library Proposal

Jonathan Combley

On Campus Accomodation

Bruce Bojun Feng

Martin Gaardboe

Thomas Groves

Hanging Liminality

James Ye-Won Lee

Jonathan Fernandes

Green Square Public Library

Carly Martin

Rehabilitation Centre

Marinel Dator

River Yarra

Angus Callander

Harry Catterns

Douglas Hamersley

Jasper Ludewig

Terrace House

Felicity May

Schizophrenic Façadism

Robert Martin

Design ComputingDesign in ArchitectureMaster of Architecture


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